The American Glavcot Rabbit Society

"The Ambassador of the Fancy"



Single Adult: $10/1 Year Or $25/3 Years      

Single Youth: $5/1 Year or $10/3 Years

Couple: $15/1 Year or $40/3 Years      

Family: $15 + $1 Per Child/1 Year or $40 + $3 Per Child/3 Years

Please fill out the form found below and return to our club secretary via email at or mail to the address listed on the application. Memberships can be paid via PayPal below or by sending a money order to the address listed on the membership application. If paying via PayPal please include your name, membership duration, and email.


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                 1 Year Adult Membership


                  3 Year Adult Membership


    1 Year Youth Membership


    3 Year Youth Membership